The authentic Wetsuit System is finally available in Australia with full technical and warranty support from the parent company, Neptune Coatings, based in Las Vegas, USA (a member of the Harco Group).

To be available in VIC effective from September 2019, the Wetsuit System’s advanced & innovative technology raises the bar when compared to existing spray on coatings. The fully patented system is in no way associated with or equivalent to other spray on rubber membrane systems that are or have been available in the Australian market. Wetsuit has proven performance to remediate failed, weathered roofing membranes and other roofing surfaces.

The Wetsuit System is applied only by certified Wetsuit contractors who are selected, trained and certified by Neptune Coatings in how to install the Wetsuit system in accordance with Neptune’s strict application specifications and project delivery processes. Bravada Waterproofing is proud to be a certified Wetsuit contractor and to be associated with the launch of the Wetsuit System across the VIC market.

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The Wetsuit® System is a game changing solution to restore your existing roof with a patented membrane system delivered by Bravada’s trained and certified applicators who are licenced to use the patented products and equipment to the exacting standards demanded by the product supplier, Neptune Coatings.

Wetsuit® is a cold sprayed fluid applied bitumen / polymer coating that is UV Stable with outstanding waterproofing and air barrier properties.


Extending the Life of Your Roof:

Lightweight, seamless and with superior adhesion to nearly any substrate, Wetsuit® is ideal for remediation of metal deck roofing systems and:

  • Avoids the need for the costly replacement of all or part of dilapidated metal roof systems.
  • Avoids the disruption to business operation associated with replacing metal roof systems.
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with ongoing repairs to problematic metal roof systems.
  • Provides protection from severe hail, ponding water & UV degradation.

Wetsuit® Roof Remediation with Reflective Coatings:

Neptune Coatings’ highly reflective water-based elastomeric surface coating can be applied atop of the Wetsuit® system to provide:

  • Reflectivity in excess of 87% (US Title).
  • Reductions in roof surface temperatures of as much as 33%.
  • Significant reductions in cooling system loads and energy costs.


Air & Vapour Barrier:

  • Wetsuit® is a great option for Air & Vapour Barrier for non-permeable applications and also a solution for stucco repairs & coatings.

Garden Roof System:

  • Wetsuit’s® ability to withstand ponding water indefinitely makes it ideal for garden roof applications and ponds.

Below Grade Applications:

  • Wetsuit® can be applied to below grade concrete structures including blindside and shotcrete applications.


Wetsuit® 2-Part is a cold sprayed fluid-applied waterproofing membrane, instant set, seamless, Zero VOC

Wetsuit® 1-Part is a single component spray applied, self -levelling coating. It can also be rolled or brushed.

Wetsuit® Undercover is a single component self-levelling coating used in combination with Invisilink® to pre-strip joints, penetrations or detail transitions.

Wetsuit® Trowel is a high viscosity coating ideal for patching cracks, voids, ducting, flashings and penetrations.

Wetsuit® Primemate is a fast cured, water based primer compatible with a wide variety of substrates.

Wetsuit® Fiberated Trowel is reinforced with fiberglass strands, cures into a high tensile patch.

Reflex HPW is a white high performance water-based elastomeric roof coating, high tensile elongation, spray, roll brush applied, title 24 compliant.

HARCOSIL is a liquid applied silicone-based, pond resistant coating. Performs in challenging climates.

HARCOAT CIC is a seamless spray or roll applied Ceramic Insulation Coating.

Invisilink® is a lightweight super durable, tear resistant seam fabric.