Repair and remediation works to concrete substrates and structures is a challenging area that requires a combination of the right scope of works, the right specifications and skilled technicians applying only quality products if the best possible results are to be achieved.


Bravada’s experienced concrete team is able to provide a specialist range of repair & remediation services to builders or asset owners / managers seeking to rectify non structural problems with concrete walls, floors, ceilings, beams & columns. These services include:

  • Crack Injection
  • Expansion joint repairs
  • Spalling & cancer repairs
  • Car park joint systems
  • Waterproofing to concrete structures
  • Concrete fascade repairs & restoration
  • Floor Levelling
  • Leak detection & reporting


Commercial builders & facility owners/managers are often confronted with a variety of challenges when it comes to addressing the need to conduct concrete repair or remediation works to their controlled facilities.

The table below sets out some typical problem areas where Bravada is able to effectively develop and implement an appropriate specification and scope of works:

Basement / Multi Level Car ParksStructural cracks to ceilings & walls Crack injection using Epoxy Resin Systems
Water penetration through cracksCrack injection using polyurethane type injection grouts
Degradation of expansion jointsStrip & replace using suitably specified replacement products
Miska Expansion Joint Systems (Car Parks)Replacement or remediation & repairs using genuine Miska system parts
Structural cracks to floors / trip hazardsGrind, repair, refill with Epoxy Resin Systems
Structural cracks to concrete walls & ceilingsInstallation of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement System
Degradation of floor coatings creating slip hazardsGrind, repair and resurface using various non slip coatings
Concrete Floors, Walls & Fascia’sStructural cracks to Tilt Panels, concrete walls, ceilings & support structuresCrack injection using Epoxy Resin Systems
Structural cracks to concrete ceilings or walls that cannot be remedied using crack injectionInstallation of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement
Degradation of concrete expansion joints & control jointsStrip & replace using suitably specified flexible polyurethane sealants
Concrete spalling / concrete cancer / mortar missing between coursesCementitious repairs using suitably specified reinforcement treatments and cementitious & epoxy repair products
Hairline cracks & degradation of coatingsCementitious epoxy repairs & coatings using suitably specified systems
External Walkways, Entrance Foyers & Common AreasTiled surfaces with missing or loose floor tiles Remove existing tiles, glue & membrane then reinstate substrate and reapply membrane, tiles, grout & sealant
Trafficable areas with worn coatings, cracks, holes and other potential slip or trip hazardsGrind, repair & resurface using various non slip epoxy or polyurethane floor coatings
Plant Areas & Delivery DocksStructural cracks to ceilings, walls & elevated platformsCrack injection using Epoxy Resin Systems
Degradation of expansion jointsStrip & replace using suitably specified replacement products
Structural cracks to floors / trip hazardsGrind, repair & fill with suitable product from Ardex Crack Repair range
Degradation of floor hazards resulting in slip hazardsGrind, repair and resurface using various non slip epoxy or polyurethane floor coatings



RECENT PROJECTS - Concrete Remediation

Client TypeareaLocation in BuildingissueScope of Works
Remedial BuilderLonsdale St BasementWater ingressNegative waterproofing to brickwork capping beam & underpinning.
Commercial BuilderSouthbankBasement Car Park (Multi Level)Water ingress thru shot crete wallsInjection works & cementitious repairs
Remedial BuilderEastern Suburbs HospitalInternal floor areasRising dampRemoval of vinyl floor system and remediation of concrete slab
Remedial BuilderChurch – Melbourne CBDInternal floor / wall areasRising damp to walls & floorCementitious & Epoxy coatings to brickwork walls & concrete floors.
UniversityEastern SuburbsGlasshouseConversion of building area into greenhouseFloor preparation, surface grinding & Epoxy coatings.
Shopping Centre S.E SuburbsRooftop Car ParkExpansion joint failure & water ingressConcrete spalling repairs / expansion joint replacement / car park surface coatings
Shopping CentreEastern SuburbsMulti Level Car ParkConcrete cancer / spalling to soffits.Removal of damaged area & cementitious repairs.
Aged Care FacilityNorthern SuburbsExternal Retaining WallLeaks to capping beam / feature retaining wall junctionInjection & cementitious repairs
Shopping CentreS.E SuburbsRooftop Car ParkWater ingress into premises belowRemoval & replacement of compression joint to concrete slabs